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Last updated: Nov 09, 2021

Read this tutorial to know all about laravel env file. laravel env file is most important for live server. In this tutorial I will explain you about laravel env file. so this this tutorial slowly to know about laravel env file.


Laravel Env File.

Once new laravel have been installed, you will see env file in laravel project root folder. If you didn't see .env file in root folder then copy .env.example file to .env file. You need to install laravel to know about laravel env file. I have a installed laravel. if you don't know to installation laravel then read how to install any kind of laravel version tutorial.


cp .env.example .env


Laravel App Information In Env File.

You will see app name, app env, app key, app debug, app url in laravel env file. By default, you will see like below. you can easily change app information for production.


# local

# production
APP_NAME="Masum Biswas"


Please use key generate command to regenerate app key and solve laravel session error.


php artisan key:generate


Laravel Database Inforamtion In Env File.

You will see MySQL database information in laravel env file. you need to change MySQL database on production. read how to create MySQL database on shared hosting cpanel tutorial to change MySQL database on production.




Laravel Mail Inforamtion In Env File.

You will see mail information in laravel env file. you need to change mail information on local and production. read how to use laravel mailtrap to send email tutorial to change mail information on local. for shared hosting cpanel mail connection please read laravel mail configuration on shared hosting cpanel tutorial.





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