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Last updated: Jun 16, 2022

Laravel is a widely used and easy open source PHP framework which is used to create complex and simple web applications. It is based on a architectural design pattern called Model View Controller (MVC). Lavarel offers a large number of facilities which helps to function the basic features of PHP frameworks such as codelgniter and Yii. Lavarel also helps to boost the speed of web development. Lavarel framework makes the web application more scalable and saves a considerable amount of time that’s why this is getting popular day by day. Added to that, lavarel gives a subject oriented approach with a very powerful and good broadcasting. Moreover, laravel offers a vast number of features which includes modularity, testability, routing, management of configuration, ORM providing, maintaining schema, good authentication, redis, command bus and so on.


Best Cloud Hosting For Laravel Project
Best Cloud Hosting For Laravel Project


While choosing the best cloud hosting for laravel project you need to consider your expectations. After considering facts like how much budget do you have, what exact features you need you can ultimately decide which hosting will be best for your laravel project. You should also consider the option of reading reviews about those cloud hosting platforms which will give you an idea about their performance. And to have a perfectly secured job, one should always go for the company with maximum reputation if there is to issue with the budget. There are so many options for cloud hosting for laravel projects, among all of those, I have tried to find out seven most common cloud hosting and here are their best features.


1. A2 Hosting:
A2 hosting provides servers with high speed performance for laravel projects with SwiftServer platform. A2 hosting offers the feature of 1 click set up for lavarel software which is really helpful for users with laravel projects. Also A2 hosting has turbo servers which can provide upto 20x faster speed than other standard ones. As their servers comes with SSDs and Turbo servers has AMD EPYC with NVMEe drivers it is possible to have 40x faster CPU, 3x faster reading or writing speed and 2x speed growth in time to time byte. A2 hosting has one of the best security system among the providers. Their security system provides HackScan protection, KernelCare updates and  DDoS protection. 

2. Cloudways:
Cloudways is a hosting that provides 300x faster speed and full optimization on web performance for lavarel projects. Is has the option of launching applications with a single click which makes the work a lot easier for the client. Cloudways has auto healing servers that saves you from the troubles of app crushing. Cloudways is connected with providers such as AWS, GCE, Linode and Voltr which helps to host your application in 60 datacenters world wide. And for security, cloudways provides a platform-level firewalls which is updated on a regular basis. Besides, you can also leverage IP whitelisting to have a secured connection.

3. Forge:
Forge gives you the opportunity to have unlimited applications Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, Hetzner and more which makes it easier and helpful for hosting lavarel. They also take the responsibility of installing PHP, MySQL, Redis, Postgres and other necessary programmes necessary for your cloud. There is an amazing web pannel or API to manage the server. The service starts at 12$ per month with the advantage of unlimited deployments and Push-to-deploy feature.

4. Kamatera:
Kamatera offers the service to deploy the applications in a very short period of time for absolutely free. Kamatera also has amazing AI, good management console and unlimited scale up and out which makes it one of the most popular cloud hosting for lavarel projects. It has total 13 data centers around the globe that makes sure that the service will be available 24/7.  Kamatera uses Intel Xeon Platinum/Cascade lake processor is nearly 300 times faster than others.


5. Servebolt:
Servebolt provides Git, Composer and other command-line tools which makes it one of the most laveral-friendly service among others. Servers of servebolt have the capability to adopt new setups and custom workflows. It also gives SSH access which is really helpful. The monitoring system of servebolt is very impressive. Servebolt monitors it’s servers 24/7/365 to ensure top-notch stability.


6. Fortrabbit:
Fortrabbit provides one of the finest and straightforward lavarel installation and allows to deploy codes through Git push. The community of fortrabbit is well known with good reviews for It’s satisfactory customer service. Fortrabbit provides servers with SSD that ensures good speed and also scaling is supported.


7. FastComet:
FastComet is one of the most cost-friendly cloud hosting for lavarel projects. They offer to deploy and optimize cloud server within minutes. Moreover, Lavarel transfer is also possible with the support of their technical team. FastComet has one of the finest hosting control panel which is cPanel which makes the management easier. FastComet let’s you resize the size of the server based on the necessity. FastComet has their own FastGuard that ensures full protection to the server from online threats.


The list for the best cloud hosting for laveral projects is made on the basis of the facilities they offer for their clients. The 7 providers are literally the best cloud hosting for laveral projects among others in the market. Now it’s up to the client to choose based on their need and budget.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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