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Last updated: Jun 16, 2022

A shared web hosting service is a kind of web hosting service where a lot of websites function under one web server. This is the lowest costly service for web hosting because the cost of server maintenance is distributed among all the users. This service uses a system administrative because it is shared by a lot of people. This is a benefit for the people who wants to stay away from more responsibilities but a negative side for those who wants more control. Mostly, people who want to develop Software without the interference of the hosting providers, this will not be appropriate. Most of the shared web hosting offers services like statistics support, email and webmail services, auto script installations, updated PHP and MySQL which are helpful for laveral projects.


Best Shared Hosting For Laravel Project
Best Shared Hosting For Laravel Project

Developers often choose shared hosting for laveral projects for one main reason- cost saving. Specially beginners who doesn’t have much budget or ideas about the hosting sites choose this. In this article I will try to figure out top shared hosting for laveral projects and the reason behind them being on the top.

1. HostGator:
HostGator is one of the most old and affordable hosting site in the market. HostGator Provide plans for clients who need a shared host that can satisfy their needs. HostGator also provides the access to cPanel which gives the client more control and ability to make necessary changes. Plans of HostGator includes free migration of sites, SSL certificates and uptime guarantee up to 99% which makes a bit more suitable for laveral projects.

2. DreamHost:
DreamHost is one of those shared hosting providers that includes WorsPress. The plans are low cost and has a large number of advantages including free domain, SSL certificates and most importantly, one click installation for WordPress. Moreover, the support system of dream host is pretty decent. There are month to month plans available starting from 1.99$/month. DreamHost also has automated daily backup system which makes the date more secured.

3. A2 Hosting:
A2 hosting provides one of the fastest and top rated shared hosting site in recent times. The plans includes free migration, SSL certificates and many other advantages that is really helpful and easy going for the new entrepreneurs. The ultra fast speed makes it one of the best site to save time for the client. There are also plans that ensures the clients turbo speed. But unfortunately A2 hosting doesn’t offer a free domain unlike other hosting sites. Another negative side of A2 hosting is client must purchase at least a plan of 36 months to get the best pricing. 

4. GoDaddy Hosting:
GoDaddy hosting has plans of shared hosting specially designed for e-commerce platforms. It has a lot of facilities including unmetered bandwith, one click installation for WordPress and free domain. GoDaddy hosting provides preinstalled e-commerce plugin. Another bright side of GoDaddy is it has unlimited external domains. But the SSL certificates of GoDaddy are not standard. Added to that, it doesn’t offer month to month plans which can be a problem for some clients.

5. Hostwinds:
Hostwinds offers service of shared hosting at an affordable cost with the benefits of unlimited storage. As the storage is unlimited, people who are planning to have large and heavy contents or files on their websites, this is definitely a good option for them. Moreover, Hostwinds also provides unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer service and most importantly a drag-drop website builder. It also hasbthe nightly backup plans with every shared hosting plans.

So basically, these are 5 best shared hosting to be used for laravel projects. But while choosing shared hosting for laravel project, you must keep some negative sides in mind. There are some problems a client can face if he chooses to deploy laravel application in a shared hosting.

There are so many people who are new and have zero ideas about the hosting sites. So without knowing anything they go for the cheapest one. And shared hosting is one of the most cheap compared to others. But shared hosting isn’t the best option for laravel websites. Because, the security and performance both aspects are compromised in shared hosting. As most of the shared hosting sites doesn’t offer SSL Terminal features, it is a bit hard for the developers to work as they want. Added to that, scheduling cron jobs is not easy in shared hosting and there are so many challenges while deploying the applications of lavarel projects. Keeping all that in mind, one should consider which shared hosting platform to choose.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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