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Last updated: Jun 16, 2022

Web hosting means giving storage space and access for websites. Things are a lot easier in digital life than physical life. In Digital world you don’t need to build a physical structure for your company, you just need to rent a storage space and build up a website. A web hosting company provides all the necessary services to maintain a website.


Best Web Hosting For Blog Website
Best Web Hosting For Blog Website

There are many types of websites. Such as, E-commerce, business, web portal, social media, brochure, blog etc.  Blog website is mostly a informative website that contains a writer’s experience, observations, opinions and so on. It can also have images and links that connects it to other websites. Blog website can also be called an online journal. Mostly, the posts are organised in reverse chronological order with the last post appearing in the beginning. The main difference between normal websites and blog websites is normal websites are static in nature, they don’t need regular upgrading. On the other hand, blog websites needs to be updated on a daily basis with new contents.

There are a lot of hosting providers who offers different types of services. As there are a lot of options, I have tried to list out some of the best web hosting for blog websites based on their price, resources, performances, SSL etc. I have short listed 5 best web hosting for blog websites.

1. Hostinger:
Hostinger is one of the most cheap web hosting with the capability of providing excellent performance for any type of blog website. Besides, Hostinger owns a a native management panel named hPanel which helps it to be more comfortable. To have an idea about the performance, it should be noted that the average response time of Hostinger is 511ms.

2. Bluehost:
Blue host is mostly known for it’s easy and exceeding features like google ads. This is the best option for beginners. If it is someone’s first website, Bluehost will make it a lot easier for them. As example, it will automatically Install wordpress and also has a dashboard to remind you instructions.


3. Dream Host:
Dream host is one of the best web hosting for word press blogging options. Dream host offers 1-Click WordPress installation. Dreamhost is very reliable and has a very well security department offers service at a very reasonable cost.

4. A2 Hosting:
A2 hosting is specially renowned for it’s free of charge security features. They provide tools like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls and Patchman enhanced security. So, undoubtedly it is the one of the most secured web hosting which is also helpful if someone wants to monetize their blogs.

5. InterServer:
InterServer applies very known and beloved cPanel. This server has one of the most easy pricing system among others. It offers very affordable month-to-month paying system. Lastly, it also has a free trial of one month only for $2.50.


Among a vast list of web hosting servers, these are the best web hosting’s for blog websites. All the servers has different kinds of qualities and features. An user can choose by his own need and preference.

Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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