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Last updated: Jan 04, 2022

JDK (Java Development Kit) creates an environment for user to execute java programs. So basically if you want to run your java program, JDK has to be installed on your computer. So there are a few jdk installation steps available to install JDK manually in computer. Either you can install SDK using through command line or by download manually from oracle website. Alright so let’s follow given steps for jdk installation:


Step 1) Download JDK:  

At first you need to visit oracle official website to install JDK. After visit oracle official website you can see there are some different JDK version. I will prefer you to go with latest version for windows 10. You can see something like this:




Then click on 32 bit or 64 bit as per your device configuration.

Once you have click on your preferred version there will pop up a box about their license & Agreement. Just tick on that and wait for download to complete.


Step 2) Install JDK: 

After completed the download run the exe file to install it to system. Once you run the file it will ask you for a path for being install whatever you can left it as default. Select a path then just click on next few times and JDK will be successfully install in your windows.


Step 3) Set Path: 

Alright so in this Jdk Installation Steps, it’s time to set the path as it required the location of current JDK exactly where it get installed. So, got to your search bar and type “Edit System Variable” click on that then you can see “Environment variable”. Now click on new variable button. A box will pop up where you need to provide path name whatever you can provide here then under path name it required variable value, copy the path of bin folder which is installed in JDK folder and paste it inside the box. Then click on ok to finish.


Step 4) Checking:

So after following a few Jdk Installation Steps , now it’s time to check our is JDK working or not. For that go to your command prompt and type:




 Just hit enter it will show you all that JDK property or you can type:


 java –-version


 It will return the java version that means you have completed all the Jdk Installation steps successfully of windows 10.



Alright So that’s all about Jdk Installation steps for java and android Studio for windows 10.

Have a good day. Thank you.

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