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Last updated: Nov 09, 2021

Hello guys, Read this tutorial carefully if you really want to develop your laravel skill. You need to download and install composer and xampp on your windows 10 operating system to create laravel web application. You can also create others  project like PHP, bootstrap, tailwind CSS into xampp htdocs folder. After installed xampp you can create database from phpmyadmin.


Steps To Download & Install Xampp & Composer On Windows 10 To Create Laravel Web Application.

  1. Download & Install & Use Xampp.
  2. Download & Install & Use Composer.
  3. Create Laravel Web Application.


1. Download & Install & Use Xampp.

Go to google and search xampp on google. next download xampp from apachefriends website. you can download any kind of xampp version for windows 10 but windows XP or 2003 are not supported. I will recommend you to download latest version of xampp from apachefriends website. You can download xampp for 64 bit and 32 bit. apachefriends website will show you to download xampp according to your windows 10 bit so don't worry just click on download button it will show you a pop-up form. now click on save button to download xampp exe file.


Run xampp.exe downloaded file and install it on any drive. I will recommend you to install xampp on any drive except C drive. because if some how device operating system crashed then you may can't recover your project files from xampp htdoces folder.


After successfully installed xampp on windows 10 you need to search xampp control panel for open it. open xampp control panel and click start button of appache and mysql. now open web browser and run below url.




2. Download & Install & Use Composer.

Open any web browser like google chrome, Firefox and search composer on google then download latest version of composer from website.


Open composer.exe file and install it on windows 10. While install composer you need to select php.exe file of xampp.


Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. You can use it to (install/update) packages of composer.json file.


Use below command to install composer.json packages.


composer install


3. Create Laravel Web Application:

After Install xampp & composer you need to create laravel web application. I already create a basic laravel web application. Read slowly how to install any kind of laravel version tutorial If you haven't installed laravel 8 project or don't know how to install laravel.



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