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Last updated: Dec 12, 2021

Want to check PHP version on cpanel? Yes. Want to change PHP version on cpanel? Yes. Want to deploy PHP script on cpanel? Yes. Okay before deploy PHP script on shared hosting cpanel, you should check and change PHP version. You will check current PHP version using to many ways like using cpanel terminal, ftp, PHP sector. So let's start to check and change php version on shared hosting cpanel. Wait a minute, Want to upgrade or downgrade the PHP version from cpanel shared hosting? Yes. Don't worry, you can easily do this using cpanel Terminal, FTP, PHP sectors. Now let's start reading this tutorial for more information.


How To Check And Change Php Version On Shared Hosting Cpanel
How To Check And Change Php Version On Shared Hosting Cpanel


1. Login C-Panel Dashboard.

Login your cpanel dashboard using username and password to check and change PHP version on shared hosting.


2. Check PHP Version Using Terminal.

You will check current PHP version using cpanel shared hosting terminal. If you can't access cpanel terminal then contract your hosting provider.

Find Terminal: After login on shared hosting cpanel you need to find terminal on cpanel.

Open Terminal: Now click on terminal button and open cpanel terminal interface to check php version.

Check PHP Version: run php version check command to check current php version using terminal.


php -v
php --version


3. Check PHP Version From Select PHP Version.

You will see select PHP version on shared hosting cpanel. now click on select PHP version to see current PHP version. You will see like 7.4 (current) PHP version on PHP sector page.


4. Reset To Default.

You can setup your PHP version as a default by click on reset to default button.


4. Change PHP Version.

You can change current PHP version to latest or lowest available PHP version. after selected PHP version you will see many A-Z option for current PHP version. check or uncheck any option and click on save button to change current PHP version option.


5. Check PHP Version using FTP.

Before changing PHP version I will remember you that you can check current PHP version using FTP. 


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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