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Last updated: Dec 13, 2021

Want to create cpanel ssh key? Yes. You can create public and private ssh key on cpanel. The public and private key are similar to a puzzle. They are created together to use during the login/authentication process. The public key resides on the server (the remote location). The private key resides locally on your computer/server. When you attempt to login to a server, the public and private key are compared. If they match, then you will be allowed to login to the server location. Want to use created ssh key information on GitHub, Windows? Yes. Then you must create SSH key on cpanel.


How To Create A Ssh Key On Cpanel
How To Create A Ssh Key On Cpanel


Step To Create A Ssh Key On C-panel.

  1. Login C-panel Dashboard.
  2. Find SSH Access.
  3. Generate A New Key.
  4. Authorize SSH Public Key.


1. Login C-panel Dashboard.

Let's login C-panel dashboard to create C-panel ssh key. You can easily login C-panel login using username and password.


2. Find SSH Access.

You need to find SSH Access button on cpanel security section. Now click on SSH key button and next click on Manage SSH keys button. If you can't find ssh access button then contact your hosting provider.


3. Generate A New Key.

If you haven't created SSH key then click on generate a new key button. Now you need to fill form to generate public ssh key.

Key Name: Use key name like “id_masum”, “id_rsa”, “whatever_you_want”.

Key Password: Generate a strong unique password and use it on key password filed. you can use our online password generator tool to generate a strong unique password for ssh key password.

Key Type: You can use key as a RSA or DSA. I will recommend you to use rsa key type.

Key Size: You can use key size as a 1024 or 2048 or 4096. I will recommend you to use as a default size.


4. Authorize SSH Public Key.

You need to authorization new generated or created ssh public key. Click on public key manage button. Then click on authorize button. I hope your new generated public key will authorized after click on authorize button. 


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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