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Last updated: Jul 04, 2022

You can easily create an email account from cpanel to send or receive email from cpanel. Sometimes it becomes necessary to create an email account from cpanel to implement it on website to send or receive emails. Do you want to use created email account information i PHP, laravel and others website? Yes! Then you must need to create an email account on cpanel. Hello friends, In this tutorial I will explain you how we can create an email account from cpanel so that you can use it with PHP, laravel. So let's start to create an email account from cpanel.


How To Create An Email Account From Cpanel
How To Create An Email Account From Cpanel


First you need a cpanel to create a email account. I have a shared hosting cpanel. So I will explain an email account according to my shared hosting cpanel email information. If you haven't cpanel then you need to buy a hosting with cpanel to create an email account.


1. Login C-Panel.

Login your cpanel dashboard to create an email account if you have a shared hosting cpanel. You can login your cpanel dashboard using username & password. Aslo you may login to cpanel dashboard from hosting service provider dashboard like namecheap dashboard.


2. Find Create An Email Account Form.

Are you logged in to cpanel dashboard? Yes. Then you need to find create an email account option from cpanel dashboard. You may see create an email account option on top of the shared hosting cpanel dashboard. If you can't find create an email account option then you need to find email accounts option from cpanel dashboard email section. I hope you will see email section after little scrolling cpanel dashboard. You will get create an email account form directly when you click on create an email account button otherwise you need to go create an email account form page from email list page by click on email account button.


3. Create An Email Account Form Cpanel.

Now it's time to create an email account from cpanel. It's really too easy to create an email account on cpanel. Now I am going to fill username password to create an email account. But wait a minute, Do you have some question about email username? Yes. Okay then it's really important to clear some doubt before create an email account from cpanel.


Listen friends you can fill username like no-reply, support, verify, notification, and more. The username will not really affect the configuration that you want to use in your laravel, PHP website. The username can be affect to users when an user will read the email that you will send to user from cpanel. So I think the username should be use according to working purpose. If you want to use an created email account information to send email to users when user will register an account on your website then Username should be no-reply or registered.


Username: you need to fill username to create an email account. username should be like no-reply, support, privacy.


Set Password Now: use a strong password on password fill. password should be 12 length. use mix password like $wOT/yB5Yw19. you may user our password generator tool to generate a unique strong password.


Send Login Link To Alternate Email Address: The system will send an email with a password reset link. This will allow the user to choose a password. I think you don't need to use this option to generate password.


Optional Settings Storage Space: You can see multiple option to use storage space like 500MB, 250GB, 400TB, Unlimited for cpanel email account. I will recommend you to use Unlimited option. 


Wait a minute, Do you have a backup password that you used to create this email account? May be not. Actually you need to save the password you use so that you can use to in PHP, laravel file to send or receive emails from cpanel.


Create Button: Finally click on create button to create an email account on shared hosting cpanel.


4. Created Email Information.

Created email account information is really helpful and important especially when you want to implement it with another program like laravel, PHP. You can easily access created email accounts information from email list.


Email List: Want to see created email account information? Yes! After created an email account you need to go back on list email accounts page. you will see check email, manage and connect devices option for your created email account. If you do not see an auto-configuration script for your client in the list above, you can manually configure your mail client using the connect devices mail information. click on connect devices option and use mail client manual settings SSL information in php, laravel and others website.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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