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Last updated: Jun 29, 2022

Want to create a FTP account from cpanel? Yes. Create and configure FTP Accounts to get your website on the internet fast. You can use an FTP client to manage your website’s files. You can login your hosting panel using an FTP account. Do you have any files to transfer it on shared hosting cpanel? Yes. Okay then you can easily transfer file on cpanel using created ftp account information. So first cpanel ftp account creation is most important. Do you know about filezilla? Yes. Good, After create a ftp account on cpanel, you can use filezilla and ftp account information to transfer files on cpanel.


How To Create Ftp Accounts On Cpanel Shared Hosting
How To Create Ftp Accounts On Cpanel Shared Hosting


1. C-Panel Dashboard.

Don't forget to login cpanel If you want to create an ftp on cpanel shared hosting. you can easily login cpanel dashboard using username and password.

2. Find FTP Accounts.

You will see ftp accounts option on shared hosting cpanel dashboard. If you can't see FTP Accounts option then try to find it or contact your hosting provider. now click on FTP accounts option.


3. Special FTP Accounts.

After click on FTP accounts you will see special ftp accounts list. Special FTP Accounts are linked to administrative aspects of your hosting account and cannot be deleted.


4. FTP Accounts.

After click on FTP accounts you will see FTP accounts list. you will see new created FTP accounts list here. you can delete, change password, change quota, created FTP accounts from FTP accounts list.

Configure FTP Client: You will use configure FTP client information to transfer file.


5. Add FTP Account.

You will see add FTP account form after click on FTP account. you need to fill login, password, password again, directory, quota option.

Log In: You need to fill login input. fill login input like "example".

Password: You need to fill password input. fill password input like "$N1kIzsSvl".

Password (Again): You need to fill password again input. fill password again input like "$N1kIzsSvl".

Directory: You need to fill directory again input. fill directory again input like "public_html". you can also use “public_html/folder”.

Quota: You need to choose quota option unlimited or 2000MB, 3000MB. don't use override MB in quota option.

Create FTP Account: Finally click on create FTP account button to create new FTP account. You can see a .ftpqouta file into define directory.


Now you will use created FTP account to transfer file on shared hosting cpanel using any kind of file transfer client.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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