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Last updated: Jun 30, 2022

Do you want to create a MySQL database in cpanel? Yes. Want to use MySQL database information in PHP, Laravel website? Yes. Okay before deploy PHP, laravel website on shared hosting cpanel you need to create MySQL database on cpanel. Now are you ready to create MySQL database on cpanel? Yes. Good, In MySQL database creating tutorial, I will explain how we can create MySQL database on shared hosting cpanel. You may need to test and modify the PHP version to create a cPanel MySQL database. Now start scrolling to create a MySQL database in cpanel by filling in or creating a new database, new user, add user to database.


How To Create Mysql Database On Shared Hosting Cpanel
How To Create Mysql Database On Shared Hosting Cpanel


1. C-Panel Dashboard.

If you want to create a database on cpanel then please login your shared hosting cpanel dashboard. you can easily login cpanel dashboard using username and password.


2. Change PHP Version.

Find Select PHP Version: After login on cpanel dashboard you need to find select php version to change php version. now click on select php version and change php version. I will recommend you to use latest version of php. for more information you can read how to check and change PHP version on shared hosting cpanel tutorial


3. Find MySQL® Databases.

Now you need to find MySQL® Databases on cpanel. Click on MySQL® Databases to create new database, user.


4.Create New Database: You need to create new database by filling name. If you have a created database on cpanel shared hosting then go to add new user step. fill database create input like “example”.

Modify Databases: You can modify database after created new database.

Check Database: You can easily check your created database by click on check database. you will see database tables list after click on check database button.

Repair Database: You can easily repair your created database by click on repair database.

Delete Database: Delete created database by click on delete button from cpanel database list.


5.Add New User: You need to create new user before create a database. If you have a created user on cpanel shared hosting then skip this step.

Username: You need to fill username to create new user.

Password: Fill password input filed. Use a strong password on password fill. if you need to generate a strong, secure password then see password generator online tool tutorial.

Password (Again): Please fill password and password again filed same password. don't use different password on password and password again filed.

Create User: Now click on create user button. It will create a new user. Your user will like “username_user”. don't forget to copy username and password privately.


6. Add User To Database: After created database and user you need to add user to database.

User: Select created user. click on dropdown menu and select created user.

Database: Select created database. click on dropdown menu and select created database.


Now you will use database information on any PHP script website.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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