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Last updated: Jun 28, 2022

Today I will explain you, how we can easily deploy a laravel 8 project on namecheap shared hosting cpanel. If you have a namecheap shared hosting server then you can use it for deploying laravel 8 project. let's start to create a laravel 8 project to deploy on cpanel.


How To Deploy A Laravel 8 Project On Namecheap Shared Hosting Cpanel
How To Deploy A Laravel 8 Project On Namecheap Shared Hosting Cpanel


Laravel To Deploy Project On Namecheap Cpanel. 

You need to make a simple laravel project before deploy laravel project on namecheap shared hosting cpanel. If you don't know to make a simple laravel project then feel free to read how to create a simple laravel crud project tutorial.


Laravel Configuration Before Deploy On Namecheap Cpanel.

You need to configure laravel project before deploy on namecheap shared hosting cpanel. Read how to configure laravel project for production tutorial slowly if don't know to configure laravel project to deploy cpanel.


Compress/Zip you laravel 8 project folder and login into your namecheap hosting dashboard.


Click on file manager to go public_html folder.


Now click on upload button and select your project file to deploy laravel 8 to shared hosting cpanel.


Back to public_html folder once project zip file successfully uploaded.


Now unzip your laravel project under public_html folder.



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