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Last updated: Sep 29, 2021

Bootrec FixBoot Access is denied windows 10 with blue screen boot loop using windows command prompt. Open windows 10 cmd from automatic repair blue page as a adminstration.


Try the following 3 command's that are used to fix windows boot loop.


bootrec /rebuildbcd


bootrec /fixmbr


bootrec /fixboot


If you got below message after running “bootrec /fixboot” command then follow the next steps.


Access is Denied


Now let's see how to fix that. Type below command and run it.


bootsect/nt60 sys


Now run bootrec /fixboot again.


bootrec /fixboot


Now run exit command and choose “continue” from choose an option.


If this method not working then insert a windows 10 installation media such a DVD or USB flash.


Press “F10" or another key to boot windows from installation media.


Navigate into installation media and hit “enter” key to boot from that drive.


Press any key to boot from installation media.


Click “next” button from windows setup page.


Click “repair your computer” button and open “command prompt” from “troubleshoot” Options.


Type the below command and hit enter.




Select your boot drive using below command.


sel disk 0


Show available volume using below command.


list vol


Now determine which volume is the EFI partition.


Select the EFI partition using below command.


sel vol 4


Now assign the V letter to the EFI partition following below command.


assign letter V:


Open V partition using this below command.




Format the EFI partition.


format v: /fs:fat32


If you have a Windows 10 build 1709 or newer then use below command to fix boot issue.


bcdboot c:\windows /s v: /f UEFI


Type exit into command prompt.


Now you will boot into windows operating system without blue screen.



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