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Last updated: Dec 10, 2021

Laravel vue filter search! Want to make a filter search in laravel with vue js? Yes. Okay don't know to make filter search system using laravel and vue js? Actually no. Don't worry, Here I will explain about laravel vue filter search so that you can easily make a laravel vue filter search for your website. Read this tutorial if you really want to make a filter search in laravel, vue js project. Want to search post by category? Yes. Sometimes you may want to make filter search for search product or post ( by category, name, description, date, price, status) in laravel with vue website.


How To Make A Filter Search In Laravel With Vue Js
How To Make A Filter Search In Laravel With Vue Js


1. How will laravel vue filter search work?

Do you have any post, user, product or any database table with too much data? Yes, I have too much data. Okay now you need to make a filter search in laravel vue. But how will work filter search in laravel, vue? Do you have any idea? No. Don't worry, let me tell you, Laravel vue filter search page should work without refresh. Want to search post with multiple category at once without page refresh? Yes. You can also search post by category, tag, title, description at once in laravel vue without page refresh. You should need to use an API request to make laravel vue filter search without page refresh. Need source code for filter search in Laravel with vue js tutorial? Yes. Okay don't worry, I will share source code of this laravel vue filter search tutorial on my GitHub repository.


2. Requirements to make filter search in laravel, vue?

Requirements will work as needed. So first you need to make sure that what you want to make. Do you want to make filter search in laravel, vue js with or without page refresh? If you really want to make a filter search without page refresh then you should need to use API, API Resource in laravel, vue otherwise you can use web request with page refresh. You need to create API and web both controller to make filter search without page refresh in laravel, vue js. Only web controller will enough to make laravel, vue filter search with page refresh. 


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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