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Last updated: Jul 02, 2022

Mailtrap in laravel! Want to send fake email to mailtrap dashboard using laravel? Yes. Want to send laravel email notification to mailtrap? Yes. Don't know laravel email template structure? No. Want to test how laravel email notification will works? Yes. Then you should use mailtrap in laravel to send all type of notification on mailtrap inbox dashboard. Send email to users, admins in laravel using laravel and mailtrap. Mailtrap is a free smtp server to email sending. You can easily use mailtrap in laravel to send email to users, admins or specific user. So let's start laravel mailtrap to send email tutorial.


How To Use Laravel Mailtrap To Send Email
How To Use Laravel Mailtrap To Send Email


1. What is Mailtrap?

Mailtrap is a testing tool and is not designed to deliver emails to real addresses. You can only use MailTrap in Laravel to deliver emails to the MailTrap dashboard for email checking only.


2. Mailtrap Account.

You need to create a mailtrap account to send emails on mailtrap dashboard from laravel. You can easily create mailtrap account using google gmail account, login with google, login with GitHub.


3. Mailtrap Smtp.

You need to copy smtp information for laravel. You will see smtp information on mailtrap inbox dashboard.


4. Laravel Env.

Use mailtrap smtp information in laravel env file. You need to fill mail mailer, host, port, username, password, encryption, from address, form name.




Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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