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Last updated: Nov 07, 2021

Identify EFI or boot partition in windows 10. Open windows 10 cmd as a adminstration to checking EFI or boot partition. After opening cmd as adminstration you can easily use diskpart.


Step to identify EFI or boot partition:

  • Hard Disk Format.
  • Select Disk.
  • Disk Volume.


Hard Disk Format:

To identify EFI or boot partition you need to know about your hard disk format.


To use diskpart using windows 10 cmd run the below command.




Now run list disk command to check all disk.


list disk


If you see a star (*) at the disk line gpt column then your hard disk format type is GPT otherwise your hard disk format is MBR.


Select Disk:

Select disk to know all about hard disk partition.


Now run sel disk 0 command to select hard disk.


sel disk 0


Disk Volume:

You need to know about selected hard disk volume to identify EFI or boot partition.


Now run list volume to see all volume of selected disk.


list volume


After you run list volume you will see all volume.


The boot partition usually has a size of 500MB or less and has “FAT32” file format in GPT disk or “NTFS” in MBR disk. Most often it's label “system” or “Reserved” in MBR disk or has “hidden” label in GPT disk.

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