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Last updated: Jul 01, 2022

Laravel jetstream user email verification! really? Yes, it's true that you can easily make laravel jetstream email verification. Do you want to create a user email verification system on Laravel Jetstream? Yes, I want. Good, But do you know about laravel jetstream? Yes, A little bit. Okay after installing laravel jetstream in your laravel project you need to verify user email in laravel to send laravel user email verification notification. Laravel jetstream is a first party user authentication package and we can easily make email verification in laravel jetstream. Do you want real user for your laravel jetstream website? Yes. Okay then you must need to make laravel jetstream user email verification.


Laravel Jetstream User Email Verification Full Tutorial
Laravel Jetstream User Email Verification Full Tutorial


1. Laravel Jetstream.

Welcome to laravel jetstream user email verification full tutorial. Want to verify user email email in Laravel using laravel jetstream user authentication package? Have you installed a laravel jetstream in your laravel project? Not installed yet? Please read install laravel jetstream user authentication first party package tutorial. Your Laravel project must have a Laravel jetstream package installed or you may not be able to use the email verification feature in your Laravel project.


2. Enable Email Verification Feature.

You need to enable email verification feature in laravel jetstream. You are unable to access the email verification feature by default in laravel jetstream because laravel jetstream stopped email verification feature by default. Go to config fortify features section to enable email verification. 




3. Must Verify Email.

Additionally you need to implement it in the user model class. You will notice that Laravel jetstream has already used the must verify email illuminate contracts in user model. If you do not use must verify email you may receive errors or email will not be sent.


use Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\MustVerifyEmail;
class User extends Authenticatable implements MustVerifyEmail{}


4. Notifiable.

Send email to environment (user email or mailtrap) and not yet used Notifiable in user model? You will notice that Laravel ui has already used the illuminate notifications notifiable in user model. Additionally you need to use into user model class If you do not see it in the user model. Email will not be sent to user emails or mailtrap dashboard unless you use illuminate notifications notifiable in the user model.


use Illuminate\Notifications\Notifiable;
use Notifiable;


5. Verified Middleware.

Laravel jetstream already uses verified middleware on some routes. You can use verified middleware in the web route file or the web controller file to deny web pages without user email verification.


public function __construct()
$this->middleware(['auth', 'verified']);


6. Mail Configuration.

Want to send laravel jetstream user email verification email notification to mailtrap? please read how to use laravel mailtrap to send email tutorial for more information. Have you configured must verify email and notifiable in the user model? Now you need to open laravel env file. You will see laravel env file in the root folder. You need to edit mail configuration in laravel env file to make laravel breeze user email verification.




7. Send Email.

Now open register page and try to register a user on the user registration page. I hope an email will send to your environment (user email, mailtrap). If email does not send to your environment (user's email, mailtrap) then follow the steps above.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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