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Last updated: Nov 17, 2021

Install and use laravel ui package in laravel 8 with Vue 2 to make user authentication. Laravel UI is a new first-party package that extracts the UI portion of a Laravel project into a separate laravel/ui package. The separate package enables the Laravel team to iterate on the UI package separately from the main Laravel codebase.


Make Laravel User Authentication Using Laravel Ui In Laravel 8 With Vue 2
Make Laravel User Authentication Using Laravel Ui In Laravel 8 With Vue 2.


Install Laravel Ui:

You can install the laravel/ui version 3 package via composer for laravel 8 but remember Laravel ui 3 version does not support vue 3 and Tailwind Css. After successfully installing laravel ui 3 you will need to update vue 3 from vue 2 manually and for tailwind css you need to update tailwind css from bootstrap manually.


In this tutorial, I will use laravel ui package 3 version with Vue 2 and bootstrap.


Once you’ve installed laravel/ui you have a couple of commands available to generate UI code, including authorization.


Now open xampp php myadmin page and create a database. Now go to register page and register to authenticate.



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