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Last updated: Dec 15, 2021

Want to upgrade laravel 5.8 to 8 version? Yes. Still using older Laravel versions like laravel 5.7, 5.8 or higher for your website? If you use a very old version of Laravel, you will need to upgrade at least 8 version of laravel. The newer version of Laravel 8 has more new features than the old Laravel 5.8 version. Don't know how to upgrade laravel 5.8 to laravel 8? No. Okay don't worry, In this tutorial, I will help to upgrade laravel 5.8 to 8 so that you can easily use new feature of laravel 8 version. So don't be late. Just scroll down and start to reading this laravel 5.8 to 8 upgrade tutorial.



Hello friends, I want to tell you somethings before continue this laravel 5.8 to 8 version upgrading tutorial. Actually I don't really know how many plugins you used in your Laravel 5.8 project. I also don't know your laravel 5.8 project structure. So It's really will hard for me to upgrade laravel 5.8 to 8 according to your project requirement. But don't worry I will try to explain all so that you can upgrade your laravel 5.8 to 8 easily. You can't really upgrade from laravel 5.8 to version 8 directly if your version of laravel 5.8 uses too many plugins to complete the project. So first you need to upgrade laravel 5.8 to 6, Second upgrade laravel 6 to 7 and finally you can easily upgrade laravel 7 to 8. That's means you need to follow upgrade process step by step to upgrade old laravel 5.8 to 8 version.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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