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Last updated: Mar 16, 2022

Want to count word online? Yes. Do you have any text words that need to be counted online? Yes. Okay good, Sometimes you may have to count total words from any text online using word counter online tool. Words are especially important when you are trying to write a blog post or story. So you may have to calculate how many words have been used in your writing. You must use the word counter online tool for this. You can easily use word counter online tool to count words from text. You must enter some words into this online word counter tool box to count words online. You can also paste copied text to count word online. Online word counter may take less then one minute time to count pasted text's total word. It a simple and very useful online word counter tool.


Word Counter Online Tool
Word Counter Online Tool


What is word?

Do you know what is word? No. Okay then listen, A word is defined as a letter or group of letters where there is time to speak or write. An example of a word is a Masum. Another example of a word is Biswas.


How does word counter online tool work?

Don't know about word counter working process? Actually no. Okay don't worry let me tell you about this word counter online tool work process. First this word counter online tool is a very simple and useful tool. It works without page refresh. This word counter online tool works very well, especially when trying to calculate how many words you have used in your texts. When you type or paste your text into this online word counter tool box form this will automatically return the total number of words used in your texts. You can easily reset this word counter online form box by click on reset button.


How to count number of words online?

Want to calculate the total number of words from the text right now and still don't know how to count number of words online? Okay just paste your text into this online word counter tool to count number of words written in your text.  It will automatically show you how many words you have used in your text.


Why word counter is important?

Word counter is important because it helps you select your readers. For example, if you write a story and it is long, about 400,000 words long, then naturally there will be some readers to whom it is not suitable (just because of the word count). Some readers may feel bad about reading long stories. I think now you will use word counter online to manage words of your stories texts.


What is the purpose of word counter online?

Online word counters are commonly used by bloggers to count the words in blog posts. Word counts may also be used to calculate measures of readability and to measure typing and reading speeds (usually in words per minute).


Why word counter is important for SEO?  
Want to rank you blog articles on search engine? Well, a higher word count helps search engine to better understand what your text is about. And, generally speaking, Google tends to rank longer articles higher. A higher word count text can be help all search engine to rank your articles. So optimize you words and use higher text to rank articles on all search engine.


How do you use online word counter?

Don't know how to use online word counter tool? Ok you can easily use online word counter tool to count the number of words in only part of your document. Select the text you want to count and then paste it on the tool box, It will count your total words. In fact it is very easy to counting word from text online. No additional data needs to be entered to count words online.


How to make word counter online tool?

I hope you like our online word counter tool? I also hope that you can use our online word counter tool to count your blog post, story. Now you may want to make a online word counter for your own website. You can make word counter online tool using PHP framework laravel. I have already created a tutorial on how to create word counter online tool using Laravel. If you really want to make a word counter tool for your website using laravel then follow how to make a word counter online tool in laravel tutorial.


Is our online word counter safe?

Yes, you read correctly, Our word counter tool can do word count online, for free and safely!!! In fact, it will not sell your data to anyone.


How do you count words when typing?

Is it possible to count words when typing? Yes. It is possible when your typing words on our word counter online tool. Just type any thing on our word counter online tool box, The number of words you have used in your typed text will be automatically returned. Don't forget to use single white space to make multiple words while typing text on our online word counter tool box form. Now I hope you can see counted typed words using word counter online.


Okay so this is for today. See you again next tutorials. Thanks

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